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Why Thrive Networks?


At Thrive, we have always considered ourselves to be a customer service company that just happens to deal with technology. We offer an experience that our customers value. But what does that mean exactly?


To Thrive, value is the positive perception one has based on what they get for the price they pay. In other words, they’re happy they spent the money.


Consider this...


If you knew you could get the exact same cut of steak, the same delicious sides, all prepared and cooked exactly to your specifications, to perfection, at a Fast Food restaurant as you could at fine Steak House but the Steak House would cost you 10% more, where would you choose to go?


Most of you, hands down, would still choose the Steak House. But why? You’d pay more on purpose to eat the same food? Of course you would because you’re not just paying for the food you’re paying for the experience too.


At the fine Steak House, you’re greeted in the parking lot by a valet. You hand your coat over to a concierge in the lobby to be securely and neatly stored in the coat room. You’re seated by an impeccably dressed host or hostess in a plush, comfortable, clean leather chair at a wonderfully set table. Need to stop at the bathroom? The host or waiter will walk you there. Every small detail is accounted for and deliberate. Is that the experience you have at a Fast Food Restaurant? Probably not. Isn’t it worth the extra 10% to experience that level of service and comfort?


The point in all of this is that often times you are presented with a proposal that looks the same from multiple service providers. They start with some 24x7 remote monitoring and layer on top anti-virus, patching and spyware management for all your PCs and servers. Then throw in some unlimited help desk services and BAM! You’ve got a cookie-cutter plan that every service provider is offering. Now it’s easy – just choose the plan that costs the least, right? But where’s the value in that?


Do You Value Your IT Support Experience?


Like the restaurant scenario, the value is in the experience. Anyone can throw the tools together and make an offering. Some can even charge much less because they’re using third-party support centers or contractors and are working from their home. Not Thrive. We treat our hiring process as seriously and with as much oversight and control as our invoicing process because in the end customers stay with Thrive because of our people and the experience our people create for them.


Our teams are staffed with high-level technical managers that have years of IT consulting and business experience, as well as IT services professionals whose skills don’t stop at their certifications. We have single-point-of contact Account Managers and a fully staffed service desk to help customers with anything from dispatch and scheduling to invoicing and hardware/software quoting. We have tools that allow us to track our customers’ configurations and time spent servicing them so we can help them to achieve a real return on their technology spend with us. What most service providers consider overhead, and would just assume away as unnecessary to drive a few more dollars to the bottom line, Thrive deliberately works into our business model so that we can deliver the experience that our customers would expect from a fully staffed in-house IT department.


For any company wishing to create a high-value offering, pay attention to the small, seemingly insignificant, details and the rest will fall into place. You will end up creating the absolute best experience for your customers. That’s what we do at Thrive Networks. Our "Raving Fans" culture is pervasive in all that we do and it has allowed us to forge trusted, long-term relationships with our customers.


Now that is valuable.


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