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Data Backup and Recovery: "We saved $100,000 that week."



Challenge: Outgrowing Your Tape Backup Capacity


S&F Concrete is the the 16th largest concrete contractor in the United States and the largest in the New England area. With their involvement in noteworthy projects from Gillette Stadium and Fenway Park to Mass General Hospital and Harvard University, S&F has a reputation for providing a quality product to the most well-respected businesses in the area.

Why choose ThriveSafe over a tape backup solution? No need to put in a tape, you don’t have to worry about holidays or someone being here to make sure the solution is working. Having the solution monitored is pretty important to us, peace of mind, we know it worked once!

Brian Bowen
S&F Concrete


Due to the nature of their business, S&F must be quick to respond to their customers or risk losing out to a competitor. Employees need 24x7 access to historical data and project estimation software in order to make competitively-priced but profitable bids on new projects. With their tape-based backup solution, the recovery time from a server failure was just too great and meant missing out on new business opportunities.



Solution: Implement ThriveSafe, a Hybrid Data Backup Solution


Brian Bowen, the IT Manager at S&F Concrete, was responsible for managing their data backup strategy. His existing tape-based backup solution did not give him the peace of mind he needed. S&F needed a more complete data protection solution.


Having an existing relationship with Thrive Networks, Brian knew that their engineers understood his needs and the needs of his business. When they recommended ThriveSafe, Brian knew S&F was getting more than an onsite data backup solution. ThriveSafe would provide onsite backup, offsite backup, business continuity, and more. With ThriveSafe’s “Server Alive” feature, should one of S&F’s servers fail, that same server could be up and running on the ThriveSafe appliance in less than 15 minutes. For a business where down-time is not an option, ThriveSafe was the perfect solution for S&F Concrete.



Result: $100,000 Saved & Future Peace of Mind


Within days of implementing the ThriveSafe solution, Brian Bowen’s decision was put to the test. One of S&F Concrete’s mission critical servers crashed, putting all project estimation on hold. For many businesses that use tape-based backup, a new server would need to be ordered. By the time the product is shipped, received, re-built and the data is restored from tapes, several days will have already passed. This is just not acceptable.


We have 12 project managers and what they do is estimate jobs, we saved more than $100,000 that week by allowing those guys to work.


Thanks to their new ThriveSafe device, S&F’s server failure only caused a minor business disruption. Within minutes, a copy of the failed server was up and running on their local ThriveSafe devices. Employees had access to the same applications and historical data as if nothing had happened.


A week later, a replacement server was on site and built, and the data was transferred back from the ThriveSafe device. Because ThriveSafe allowed project managers to continue working, S&F Concrete was able to bid and convert on more than $100,000 of new business.


Is Your Business Prepared?