Thrive Provides Complete Data Protection


At Thrive Networks, our mind is on your business' data. Without it, we know that your company's productivity stops. Making sure that you have quick access to the most current information is critical to the success of your business. Let Thrive help you implement a safe and secure data protection solution without sacrificing accessibility.


Does this sound familiar?

  • "I like the security and redundancy of Offsite Storage, but it requires too much bandwidth."
  • "Onsite Backup is convenient but what if I forget to run my backup or the tapes get stolen?"


Depending on your business and your data retention requirements, you may opt for either Onsite or Offsite data storage. The challenge is that each of these methods present their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.



Tired of Having to Choose? ThriveSafe is the Answer for You


ThriveSafe a new, affordable data backup solution that combines the accessibility and convenience of Onsite Backup with the security and reassurance of Offsite Data Storage.

ThriveSafe Backup - Offsite Backup Plus Onsite Backup

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Additional Data Protection Services


Server Data Backup

  • To protect your most valuable business asset, Thrive Online Vaulting will safeguard your business critical files and data.


Workstation Data Backup

  • With Thrive Online Backup, your critical data is accessible from anywhere in the world, even in the event of catastrophe (fire, flood, etc).
How Does ThriveSafe Work

Introduction to ThriveSafe Video - Complete Data Protection