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Secure Your Data and Network with Information Security Systems

Securing IT Infrastructure in today’s corporate environments is extremely critical. There are lurking threats waiting to infest networks and systems with all kinds of major issues leading to massive setbacks for any company. With the possibility of losing millions of dollars and their earned reputation at stake; most companies regardless of size have taken a very serious approach to securing their IT assets. The risk of any exposure to any type of attack clearly outweighs the investments that a company should be making in ensuring that they are secure. Like all other IT implementations, security too is an ongoing process. It cannot start and end at a goal; rather continuous improvement and identifying new threats is an integral to a sound posture.

Imagine a scenario where devices from within your network are sending out sensitive data to an external system and you had no tool or process in place to identify that this was occurring, how would you take corrective action for this situation? What if it was a lot of personal data of your high value or high net individuals that are your clients? One can only imagine the damage that follows such a data breach. This is where Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems come in to play. These systems help actively monitor your network for any type of unusual patterns of data flow or suspicious behavior on the network; they can trigger an alert when this type of activity is occurring. An IDS or Intrusion Detection System will alert, but not prevent or stop the activity from occurring; on the other hand, an Intrusion Prevention System or IPS will allow integration with other network peripherals like firewalls to deny the traffic quickly. An important factor to keep in mind is that both these technologies are signature based and work for known attack methods. They may be largely ineffective against the latest threats or an unidentified signature for the attack.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) works in a different way. It works alongside devices like firewalls, IPS, IDS and anti-virus systems. SIEM collects and then correlates the information, log data and event data from these devices, servers and applications from your internal network. SIEM technologies make up an important component of various compliance requirements by providing extremely insightful, meaningful data and a better picture of an organization’s security posture. SIEM technologies become the glue that pieces together the puzzle of immense amounts of data from various systems and applications in the organizations internal network.

Adding best-of-breed security products enhanced your overall security posture. To discuss the capabilities of Thrive’s comprehensive security suite, contact us today.

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