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Network Monitoring Methods

Network monitoring is an essential responsibility for businesses of all sizes.  Medium-sized and large companies typically have a network monitoring system in place either onsite or offsite in the cloud but what about small businesses?  This is exactly what hackers are asking when they are seeking to breach a network.

In the last few years small businesses have become

What I Have Learned in a Technical World

Thrive Tech Blog - Learning In a Technical WorldAlmost seven years ago, I joined Thrive Networks as an Account Manager. I had come from a purely administrative background. I knew nothing about technology. I even remember during one of my first interviews being asked if I knew what “XP” was and had to answer honestly, “No”. Really, I knew absolutely nothing.

Being a non-technical employee surrounded by network engineers had its challenges. Over the years, I have learned a lot from being around technology. I now know what Raid 5 is, what Virtualization means, and I can tell you for certain the Internet is not a series of tubes. Can I build an Exchange box? No. Can I troubleshoot your bandwidth issues? No.

What I can do is give you the Top 5 Things I have learned being an end-user just like you working at an Outsourced IT Firm.. These tips won’t get you promoted to CTO, but they will surely help you make your own IT experience better.

Top 5 Things I Have Learned Working at an Outsourced IT Service Company