Thrive is currently ranked among the top 100 IT Managed Service Providers globally. Our Mission is to become the most respected and referred technology solutions firm serving mid-market, enterprise, and emerging customers in the Northeast United States.

836 North Street Building 300, Suite 3201 Tewksbury, MA 01876



Thrive delivers the advantages of enterprise-class datacenters with maximum reliability, workload geo-diversity, replication and recovery options, and localized high-touch service to ensure that your data is safe and accessible.

In developing a best in class private cloud strategy Thrive carefully considered the datacenters that would physically enable our ThriveCloud platform. Through years of experience, partnerships with regional and geographically diverse datacenters, and careful consideration we've architected and built a platform that can provide the benefits of large cloud providers while giving our customers best-in-class service, flexibility, and peace of mind.


With multiple production datacenters from Massachusetts to Texas, your data is local and physically accessible.  You can see our datacenters, see your systems, and have the peace of mind that in the event of a disaster our team can respond quickly with your data safely replicated in geographically diverse locations.



Our datacenter locations utilize best practices in on-site physical security, including biometric access controls, perimeter monitoring, and 24×7 staffing, as well as cutting-edge digital security measures, ensuring that your data stays secure and protected.



Thrive’s dedicated datacenters feature concrete and brick construction, raised floors, robust facility controls, backup power generator systems, state-of-the-art cooling and humidity controls, diverse power feeds, and extensive networking options from multiple ISPs and carriers. These purpose-built Tier I and Tier II datacenter facilities deliver the maximum in reliability and connectivity for the mission-critical infrastructure that powers your business.



From the ThriveCloud platform to dedicated datacenter suites, cabinets, or rack space, Thrive has the datacenter expertise to accommodate rapid resource demand changes and growing Big Data footprints. Whatever the needs of your organization, Thrive can help you deploy to the enterprise-class Thrive Cloud Platform smoothly and efficiently, and provide the datacenter flexibility and capacity to handle future growth.


Emergency Backup

All Thrive datacenters offer fully-redundant power, networking, and environmental systems, ensuring that each individual facility is available when you need it most- during an emergency. Thrive takes emergency backup protection one step further, mitigating risk and maximizing availability with geographic diversity between datacenter locations. Paired with best-of-breed replication and recovery technology platforms, Thrive can help protect critical systems and data from loss in the event of an emergency. Leverage our proven replication systems to make emergency data restoration seamless and responsive.


The Thrive Difference

Thrive is one of the Top 100 Managed Service Providers globally, with decades of experience and a proven track record delivering cloud and managed IT services to businesses of all sizes. We work closely with our clients through their IT transformation and cloud journey. Over the years, we have formed strong partnerships across the country and only choose datacenters that meet our stringent standards of reliability and accessibility to host our platforms and our customers’ data. By working closely with and listening to our customers, Thrive has built a unique platform that delivers the value of the enterprise-class datacenter and modern cloud orchestration, without sacrificing the localized, high-touch customer support and service you demand.

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