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Lightening The Load On SQL Server

ServerIf you’re running SQL Server, you or your employees are probably writing reports and queries to pull important information from the data your applications and websites collect. At the very least, the applications you run likely include built-in reports. Do you find, though, that when reports run, especially certain reports, everything else that depends on SQL server slows down? It could be that you’re simply asking too much of a single SQL instance.

Update: CCleaner Hack

HackedCCleaner Hack

Some of the more technical readers of this blog might have heard that the popular CCleaner application by Avast has had malware running within it since August.  That means anyone who downloaded a version of CCleaner in August or September might want to check to see if you are vulnerable.  If you are a Thrive customer we will be checking you automatically.

Are you Prepared for a Disaster?

Plan for the WorstAs I write this blog post a hurricane is bearing down on Florida and Texas has been flooded out by another.  I wanted to write a security piece about the new Apache Struts vulnerability, but I keep getting distracted by news of gas shortages in Florida and traffic jams of people evacuating the state.  And by most standards Florida has one of the best evacuation plans of any state.  As I plan to review Thrive’s disaster preparedness plan, I realize no matter how well I plan something, it just won’t go smoothly when things go wrong.  Though we always hope no disaster will strike, it is prudent to plan for it.  So here are a few items you should be thinking about for your own business, as we hope and pray for the safety of our fellow American’s this week.

Different Types of IT Support

How IT Support Can Help Your Business?

With more businesses deploying different types of technology to increase productivity, it can become a monumental challenge to stay current with every new IT process that requires support. If you are struggling to keep up with the next generation IT services, the good news is that there are professional IT support services available that can help you relieve the burden of trying to stay on top of every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

Username and Passwords are No Longer Good Enough

Login InfoLogging into most systems requires two things, a username, and a password.  If you know that information than you most likely have what is needed to gain access.  The issue with using only a username and password is that once you or someone that you do not know has knowledge of your credentials they can access the system, whatever it may be.

For many years it has been recommended that in addition to a username and password another form of authentication be used to prove that you should be allowed to gain access.  This second authentication mechanism is referred to as Two-Factor Authentication (TFA).  You may also hear it called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or a One Time Password.

Private Cloud’s New Big Player

CloudWe all know that cloud is a huge part of IT today and it is always changing. There are many options to consider such as public or private cloud? Private cloud is about to get its new biggest player. Gartner forecasts that public cloud spending will increase 18% in 2017 and odds are you know that Microsoft Azure is a big player in the public cloud. Microsoft has been making a large push to grow its hosting business with great success. A different style of public cloud is to turn to a trusted local provider that can supply the same functions but in a more customizable solution tailored to the individual customer. To this end, Microsoft recently introduced Azure Stack.