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IT Buzzword: Cloud Integration

cloudIn today’s fast paced world, it’s social media, viral videos, celebrity news and the latest trends. Generally, these boil down to a single word or two which in and of itself, becomes Pop Culture. In the business of information technology, it’s all the acronyms and buzzwords. Some of these buzzwords end up sticking around and become much more than we could have imagined just a few years ago. One of them that’s stood the test of time is, “Cloud Integration.”

It’s become very clear in the past few years that the ever present, and often talked about, “Cloud”, is here to stay. Many people still don’t grasp how important the cloud has become, in both your business and your personal life. It’s more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to take a step back and assess the state of their Cloud Integration…it’s more than a trendy new buzzword now.

Check Your Cloud Permissions!

As we are seeing by the recent breaches of well-known brands the public clouds are becoming the source from which the data is being obtained.  The easy way to describe what has been happening is a cloud version of a file server has been populated with sensitive files and then permissions were set to allow a very large number of people access to those files.  These recent breaches are not the direct fault of the cloud vendor but rather humans or processes created by humans not knowing how to configure proper security within the clouds. 

2019 Cybersecurity Predictions

While I am not a big fan of the “Top 10” things that we expect to see next year, I do think looking forward with a security focus is a good endeavor. While this time of year is always full of next year’s predictions, you really should be looking at the next six months every month. That way things won’t surprise you. But without further ado, here are my predictions for next year.

Cloud Infrastructure is Inherently Redundant, is Your Server Room?

cloudAs we enter winter each year, it is an appropriate time to review what you will do under disaster type circumstances.  There are many things to consider when putting together a disaster plan, but one of the most basic IT requirements is power. Without power very few things can happen these days.  The reality is that your power will most likely go off at some point during the year for something other than being affected by a nor’easter.  If you were to be without power for seven to ten days because of fire at a power substation would that impact your business?  What about no power for 24 hours during your high season after a car strikes a telephone pole?  What if lightning struck your building and took out your main power panel?

The ‘Real’ Cloud Migration Journey Starts with Readiness

cloudThe Path to the Cloud – Where to Start?

As hybrid IT and multi-cloud strategies become more common, the need to manage cloud services and providers as a portfolio, rather than as stand-alone purchases, becomes obvious.  Organizations need to evaluate their cloud service as cross-functional efficiency investments with a holistic approach to risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

Test Your Cybersecurity Readiness

It was 2:30am one weekday night when my smoke alarms started going off at home. They are all connected together, so the whole house was a nice alarm bell. It was a weird fall night when it was warm outside and very foggy. We have had a lot of work done in the house, and I assumed it was a malfunction because of the dust that had been kicked up and the humidity outside. I disconnected the alarm that started this noise and got the family back into bed. 

On-premise Exchange vs. Office 365 – Are you ready to transition?


In today’s cloud driven world, organizations are continually faced with the decision to keep their email solution in-house, or utilize a public cloud solution like Office 365. The standard for years has been an on-premise Microsoft Exchange server. This solution still works for many deployment scenarios, but moving your email and calendar solutions to Office 365 is a growing trend. In a recent study by Barracuda, over 63% of respondents indicated they are currently using Office 365.

Virtualization Can Enhance Your Business’s Productivity

Virtualization has been rising in popularity during the past few years due to its ability to provide a viable solution for companies to increase productivity while reducing IT infrastructure costs.  By switching to virtualization, companies have been able to control workloads in data centers and reduce energy consumption for their environment.

Before we discuss the specific benefits of switching to virtualization let’s first define what virtualization is and some of the reasons why more companies are making the change.

CIO Outlook Recognizes InfoHedge as Premier Service Provider

InfoHedge: The Revolutionary Investment Hosting Division for Thrive

Skill, luck and networking—elements that played a crucial role in a hedge fund manager. That was in the past. Fast forward to today, one more factor is quintessential, technology skills—because the introduction and proliferation of technology into the hedge fund space such as the usage of database and analysis platforms, websites, and teleconferencing among others, for the process of marketing, analyzing, and monitoring hedge funds has made the tasks more manageable. That being said, today’s hedge fund market success can be attributed primarily to higher volatility, the rally in energy prices, the influx of cryptocurrencies, and the continually advancing hedge funds technologies and the solution providers leveraging them, like New York-based InfoHedge Technologies.