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Case Study – Boston Medical Center

Case Study – Boston Medical Center

Boston Medical Center (BMC) is one of Boston’s largest medical centers with a 42 building campus in the South End. BMC seeks to meet the health needs of the people of Boston and its surrounding communities by providing high quality, comprehensive care to all, while being particularly mindful of the needs of the vulnerable populations through an integrated delivery system, in an ethically and financially responsible manner.

The Need for a Solution

It is critical for BMC to ensure that every patient has an exceptional experience each time that they arrive for treatment.   It is equally important to ensure that patient’s information is safeguarded in accordance with HIPAA requirements.    All 7,200 work stations on the BMC campus were running WindowsXP, which was reaching end of support from by Microsoft.   General security best practices and HIPAA laws require that critical system be capable of receive security updates and fixes.  In addition to the need for a new operating systems on all computers, a large portion of the hardware was aging and would need to be replaced.   This included both fixed and mobile (computers on wheels) stations and monitors.   Additionally, BMC was running 3 different Electronic Healthcare Record systems (EHR) for inpatient, outpatient and ED.    A project was underway to migrate to a single platform (Epic – rebranded as eMERGE) to enable BMC to provide more efficient healthcare and better document the way that Doctors cared for patients.  Lastly, all of the end user’s data needed to be seamlessly transferred to the new PCs and each system had to be rebuilt with all new applications.   In a hospital setting, it is extremely important that projects, complex as they may be, have no impact on the hospital staff, patients or day to day operations.

The Results

Having developed the expertise to support many hospitals in the Boston area doing specialized projects, migrations, Thrive knew how to tackle the project head on.

By working across all areas of the campus (outpatient, inpatient, back office, labs, etc.), Thrive first secured all workstation data, as well as tracked and quarantined all old systems to allow for the restorations.   Thrive then advises which systems needed physical upgrades and which just needed software upgrades.

The logistics of inventory management in a replacement such as this one can be daunting for an IT staff.   BMC was able to entrust the ordering, delivery and inspection of the hardware to Thrive; and the chose was made to purchase Dell computers.   As a premier Dell Direct partner, Thrive was able to design a custom plan, including warehousing new hardware so that BMC did not have to worry about storage at the hospital. Moreover, Thrive implemented a “just-in-time” delivery process to for a more seamless implementation.

Thrive’s project management team worked diligently to ensure the convenience of each department based on their clinic’s schedule.  This careful coordinating was critical to accomplishing one of Broughton and BMC’s primary objectives – no impact to patient care.

Working in conjunction with the BMC IT staff,  Thrive with able to deploy more than 50 new computers per day, ramping the schedule as necessary to finish the project by the deadline.

Lastly, since the end users were using a new technology, training would be a crucial part of the project’s success.  Thrive was able to initially bridge the gap between WindowsXP and Windows7 by having engineers on the floor during the transition.   As a follow on, a learning platform was created as a customized training packet for the users.   Provided a first level support for the helpdesk, which allowed BMC to offset some of the call volume that would hit their internal helpdesk.

In the end, all of the project was a major success.   All 7,900 computers were now running the latest Operating System, a consolidated EHR program was in place and many of the older hardware had been phased out.   According to Broughton, “the results to date with Thrive have been beyond expectations”    Today, BMC and Thrive enjoy a long standing and mutually beneficial partnership which includes ongoing managed IT services as well as other large project interactions.  BMC’s IT leadership values the increased flexibility, scalability, and ability to execute gained through its partnership with Thrive.

Why Thrive?

BMC needed a local and nimble company that understood their needs and could design a project plan and implement effectively with no disruption to hospital staff.  Christian Broughton, Director of Information Technology at BMC, had worked with Thrive over the years on various projects and describes Thrive as a valued partner with a solid track record of success.   BMC chose Thrive for this important undertaking because of the engineering depth and project management experience to complete the project on time and within budget.

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